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MitreBond Rapid Adhesive System.

Cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Guam.

MitreBond is a rapid two part adhesive product designed to solve a number of kitchen and bath installation problems. MitreBond is the first product specifically designed and formulated for use with MDF molding. MitreBond also performs well with other wood and plastic components. It is ideal for picture framers, modelers, ceramics, and has thousands of other uses.

MitreBond is so strong an adhesive that you hardly need more than one or two drops per application. Used correctly one pack is sufficient for 100 applications! Another advantage to using such a small amount, is the very clean and tight joint achievable every time.

MitreBond comes ready to use. No heating or mixing is necessary. The product sets in 15 seconds to allow you to move on to the next job. With MitreBond it is now possible to join molding and many other items quickly, easily, and with no mess!!

Usually ships within 1-2 weeks.

MitreBond Adhesive MB100Regular price: $29.95Sale price: $23.50

MitreBond Adhesive

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